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Fish Net, Safety Net, Construction Net, Lifting Cargo Net, Rolling Cargo Net, Suspended Catch Net Hammock, Catch Net Suspended, Supplier in Manila Philippines

Safety Net

Available in Green and Black Color with the following sizes:

       1mm Mesh x 8 Feet x 30 Meters

       1/2" Mesh x 3 Meters x 90 Meters

       1/4" Mesh x 8 Feet x 90 Meters

       3/4" Mesh x 6 Feet x 90 Meters

Lifting Cargo Net

Standard Size Available:

        2 Meters x 2 Meters x 2 Tons Capacity

        4.5 Meters x 4.5 Meters x 2 Tons Capacity


Customized Also Available

Catch Net Suspended

Standard Size Available:

        Rope Size 5mm x 50mm Mesh x 10.8 Meters x 14 Meters


Customized Also Available

Free Delivery within Metro Manila with a minimum purchase. We offer discounted price for volume requirement. 

We can ship the items port to port for customers outside metro manila.

For Quotation: Please email your requirement at:

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